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San Diego’s Best Window offers beautiful, stylish, practical and wooden window shutters for your replacement windows and French Doors at very affordable prices. This is a great way to control the lighting in a room as well as hot warm during the winter, and how cool during the summer.


woodlure window shutters
If you are a busy homeowner that wants shutters that require very little maintenance but are functional ad look stylish Woodlore® shutters are made with a solid MDF core – it is real wood – and has great strength and density. Woodlore® shutters wood shutters are made from rapid-growth-trees.

With Woodlore®’s UV inhibitors they don’t release any organic compound and they protect from color fading and any kind of yellowing. These shutters are long lasting due to their patented polypropylene coating that resist any kind of staining.

  • These window shutters are durable and the wood stiles provide structural integrity
  • Can outlast regular wood shutters
  • It can withstand heat and resist corrosion perfect for coastal homes
  • Better quality than PVC and vinyl and it can even withstand any desert heat
  • The polypropylene coating makes it robust and very durable

Woodlure® Plus

woodloreplus_01 window shutters
With Woodlure® Plus Window Shutters you won’t have to compromise design, and sophistication whenever you want. Our window shutter is created for durability, strength and worry free. Durability matters and our Woodlure® Plus Window Shutters are made to be tough by building an ABS co-polymer materials built within the shutters. It’s the same technology that can be found in home appliances, and helmets.

Woodlure® Plus Window Shutters structural joints, are heavy duty, and influenced by furniture making techniques to guarantee quality and low maintenance for years to come. Woodlure® Plus is ideal for all types of rooms from bedrooms, family rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Our window shutters also come with a large selection of color palette options and you can choose the “wide pane” option, which can give you a better view of your home. If you are looking for an all in one window shutters, then consider the Woodlure® Plus.

Benefits of Woodlure® Plus ABS Polymer

  • Built to resist dents
  • Easy to clean
  • Built to resist warping, moisture, shrinkage


If you are looking for a window shutter that is wood grain that has characteristics, then Normandy could be the right choice for you. With it’s unique wood grain and color with timber texture.

Whatever your style might be, rustic or warm, refined or sleek. Normandy® shutters can match your style.

Woodbury® Aqua Shield Window Shutters

Get the Best Waterproof shutter out in the market. Woodbury® Window Shutter is created to be durable, while adding beauty, and strength. This resilient shutter is created by adding advanced polymer material that you can find in helmets, and automobile parts. Also, the Woodbury® aqua shield window shutters is made with an enhanced waterproof design that can endure humidity, without reducing performance. This window shutter is created particularly for strength and durability.

Sussex® Window Shutter

The Sussex Window Shutter is built with the finest materials, along with the most custom options. The Sussex was created for those who want the very best and appreciate elegance. Norman’s Shutters understand that it is important to create beautiful shutters, with top craftsmanship while focusing on innovation and quality.
Our Sussex Window Shutters offers unmatched quality, and beauty with premium options. Sussex Window shutters is a recognized as a top choice. Our window shutters comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Sussex comes with a variety of options, that no other shutter can offer. From color, hardware, shapes, finish and colors.
  • PerfectTilt: This option can adjust your shutters easily and comes motorized. It’s perfect for the hard to reach windows such as skylights, this options also comes solar powered.
  • Color Match: We can match any color from midnight colors to fuchsia, we got you covered.
  • InvsibleTilt: This option lets you tilt the whole panel without having to use the tilt rod. It also makes it easy to clean, and tighter closure.
  • Custom shapes: We can create any custom shape that include angles, circles, arches, and French doors.
  • Optimal antimicrobial treatment: It’s a great option for those with small children and the elderly. It safeguard from any germs such as staph, salmonella, or e-coli.


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